About The Creative Pause

"Thank you for Sunday. It really fired off a bunch of good stuff in my brain,  and I've been making good progress this week with my stories. In fact, it was enough inspiration to cause me to dust off something I have been working on to submit to a writing workshop. So, it was super useful." — Jackie D., novelist

"I enjoyed the venue, which was beautiful and far enough outside the city to feel an energy shift, but not too long a haul to drive. I also very much enjoyed your easy, relatable style, and the retreat's simple format with some mindful exercises to frame the day. I tend to do a lot of drive-by writing these days, fitting it in the little pockets of quiet that I get. Although I spent the morning of the retreat doing more introspective work, the afternoon gave me the opportunity to pull many of these fragments together, expand upon some of them, link others together. It also reminded me of the joy of letting myself 'binge write.'” — Bridgett T., health coach and staff development director

About Beyond Dear Diary

"I thought it was wonderful! It was the refreshment and encouragement I needed. It also, I believe, helped me long term on breaking through my barriers and insecurities around journaling and writing out my feelings for myself." — Laurel D., educator and chaplain

"I was surprised at just how obvious solutions sometimes become when you put problems down on paper — that's helpful for just about anyone." — Meike S., bookstore employee

About Body Stories

"I really didn't know what to expect, so I set a light intention to just overcome my summer writing block. Not only did I overcome my writer's block, but I am very inspired again with a new idea for a children's picture book. Each and every exercise was a building block to the next one, both in time duration and intensity of the exercise. It was well put together." — Carolyn L., independent business consultant

"Body Stories was an eye-opening experience and safe environment in which to connect, create and explore writing and movement. Despite being a complete novice, I felt valued, welcome and inspired." — Lana M., public relations specialist

"I can't stop thinking and talking about the experience at Body Stories. There were some really important shifts that happened in that room, and that was certainly the case for me. I left with a sense of clarity and connection, and I'm incredibly grateful to each of the participants for making the space for that. I'm so excited that this work is being born. THANK YOU." — Chelsea M., business owner and inventor

About Reshaping Our Stories

"Reshaping Our Stories was an honest time of reflection and a time to nurture myself — like a spa day for my soul. I am extremely tough on workshops and conferences, but this workshop was different. It was a safe place to thrive, a place to rejuvenate — a place to come back to my center." — Reagan O., writing coach and journalist

About Writing & Welding

"Creative construction — with words, with steel, individually or with a group. This workshop is in a gorgeous setting and each teacher is helpful and encouraging, plus you take home a work of art!" — Beverly V., psychotherapist

"Five words: Sign. Up. For. This. Workshop! It was such a fun day of engaging different parts of my brain. I love how different the activities were, yet both very stimulating. I was engaged from the time I arrived until the time I left. How do I know? I didn't pick up or think about my phone the entire day. The best way to spend a Saturday." — Cindy F., human resources director